Werewolf Abilities, Disabilities, and Extra Information

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Werewolf Abilities, Disabilities, and Extra Information Empty Werewolf Abilities, Disabilities, and Extra Information

Post by Sage Hale on Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:05 pm


-Enhanced senses

-Enhanced speed & strength

-Faster reflexes

-They live/work in packs


-Pack animals, aren't naturally independent

-Required to listen to alpha wolves

-Instinctive, which isn't always a good thing

-Their hearing and sense of smell are VERY sensitive

-They cannot be touched by silver

-They shift when they're at a certain level of anger, and always shift no matter what when the moon is full


-Can shift from human to wolf

-Linked to another werewolf (in rare cases a human) as their mate, they can reject this bond and make their choice or accept it. The male usually notices the pull of the mate bond first, though.

-Their wounds heal instantly, unless from an alpha, in that case it takes longer

-They first shift when they hit ages 15-17, and go to older, more experienced wolves for help

-The eyes of their wolf & human form are ALWAYS different colors, though they can be different shades of the same color

-At age 18, they reach their full height and have 100% matured

-Alphas are typically larger than usual werewolves/people in both forms

-To expand their pack if needed, alphas and betas leave their mark on a human to turn them into one of them

-They can mind-link each other or humans, though only experienced wolves can mind-link humans, and their eyes cloud slightly when they do.

-Alphas can relieve pain from others, mostly those that are just turning or shifting for the first time, and they are the only ones taught this action

-Werewolves age slower than humans. Once they reach 20 they stop aging as quickly

Werewolf eye colors (wolf form) and meaning :
Red - Alpha
Blue - They've killed an innocent
Yellow - Omega/recently turned
Green - Beta
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