Sage Hale // Blue Moon Pack // Alpha Male

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Sage Hale // Blue Moon Pack // Alpha Male

Post by Sage Hale on Wed Jun 22, 2016 10:26 pm

Name : Sage Taylor Hale

Gender : Male

Age : 25

Height : 6'6"

Relationship Status : Single
Significant Other (can be made up) : N/A

Family :
Mother - Tara Hale, deceased
Father - Shawn Hale, deceased
Brother - Ryan Hale, deceased

Traits -  Assertive. Protective. Fierce. Impatient. Unpredictable. Seemingly emotionless. Selfless. Stubborn. Fairly flirtatious.

Pack - Blue Moon Pack

Rank - Alpha Male

Likes - Quiet. Being dominant. Freedom. Running. Competition.

Dislikes - Socializing. When something's too easy. Liars.

Strengths - He's impossible to lie to. He's not close with anyone.

Weaknesses - He's too suspicious of others.

Fears - Aphenphosmphobia; fear of physical contact
Autophobia; Fear of abandonment or being abandoned by someone
Philophobia; The fear of falling in love or emotional attachment.

Reasoning behind fears - Aphenphosmphobia : growing up he was abused, so physical contact (other than intimacy) makes him think he's going to get hurt
Autophobia : If he's abandoned, he remembers his past, seeing as he'd been ignored & neglected from ages 4-15.
Philophobia : Falling in love or getting emotionally attached, in his mind, means more heartbreak when they eventually leave him

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